Contracts for the purchase & sale of businesses. Establishing businesses and the transfer of business interests.
Providing general advice and advice on terms of trade. Helping businesses meet their legal obligations.
Advising on franchises, the purchase and sale of franchises.
Assisting with business structures, business planning and succession planning.
Establishing and dissolving partnerships.
The formation of companies, shareholder agreements and amending company constitutions.
Buy-in and buy-out agreements.
Discretionary trusts and unit trusts for families and business.
The purchase, sale and leasing of hotels, bottle shops, motels and restaurants.
Advising incorporated associations.
Assisting with the identification of stamp duty, GST and capital gains tax issues.


Contracts for buying and selling real estate.
Option to purchase agreements.
Residential, commercial, industrial and rural land.
Strata and community title. Amending by-laws.
Subdivision of land and registration of easements, rights of way and restrictions on use.
Assist with the identification of stamp duty, GST and capital gains tax issues.


Advising on building contracts.
Drafting shareholder and unit holder agreements.


Advising on accommodation agreements.
Helping with succession planning.
Wills & estates (see below).


Advising on and drafting employment contracts and policies.
Termination of employment.
Unfair dismissal.
Discrimination, bullying and harassment.
Independent contractors.
We no longer act in workers compensation claims but we can refer you to a workers compensation specialist.


General advice on parenting plans and property settlements.
Documenting and implementing property settlements.
We no longer undertaking contested litigation. We will refer you to a family law specialist for that.


Acting for landlords and tenants on the leasing of shops, commercial premises, industrial buildings, hotels, motels, restaurants.
Rural leases.


Alternate dispute resolution and settlement documentation. See our mediation page.
Since training as a mediator in 1995 Dan O’Keefe has been involved in numerous mediations. This has included mediations in building, business, employment, deceased estates, family, neighbour disputes and workers compensation matters.
Dan O’Keefe is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Provider and accredited as a mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System.


Acting for the borrower/ mortgagor or the lender/mortgagee on loan and mortgage transactions.
Providing independent legal advice on guarantees.
Registering personal property security interests.


Dan O’Keefe was appointed a public notary by the Supreme Court of NSW in 1992.
Sometimes, called a notary public or public notary. Many years ago the appointment used to be made by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the appointee was called a Commissioner of Affidavits.
A public notary witnesses signatures and certifies documents for their use internationally.


The purchase and sale of rural land including Crown Land & Western Lands Leases.
Water Access Licence transfers.
Agistment agreements.
Sharefarming agreements.
Intergenerational transfers & succession planning.

Wills & estates

Advising and preparing wills including wills for blended families and testamentary trusts.
Assisting with directions for executors, carers and guardians.
The appointment of testamentary guardians for young children
Enduring powers of attorney.
Appointments of enduring guardians in appropriate cases.
Acting for executors/administators and assisting with the administration of deceased estates.
Applying for probate or letters of administration.
Advising on the validity of wills, testamentary capacity and family provision disputes and claims.