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DP O’Keefe Macquarie Law is a legal office in Dubbo NSW Australia.

Dan O’Keefe is an experienced solicitor, accredited business law specialist, mediator and notary public.

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Notary public or public notary - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Notary public seal exampleDan O'Keefe is a notary public. You will need to make an appointment to see a notary public. You will need identification, for example, a passport or driver's licence.

Copies of individual documents can be certified by a notary public for which there is a fee payable. Multiple documents are often collated and bound with a notarial certificate. If a power of attorney is required it should be prepared in the country in which it will be used before signing it in front of the notary public in Australia.

A notary public cannot advise you about the visa, immigration or legal requirements of other countries. You must obtain this information from the embassy, consulate or visa/migration agent. Our resources page has more information about:-

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Doxing or doxxing - What is it & how to avoid it?Keyboard lock

It is difficult for most of us to keep up with the changes and risks of digital technology. A recent term you may have heard is "doxing". It is releasing identifiable information about a person or organisation usually online without their consent. The current law may provide very limited protection.

An article by Kaspersky provides useful information and some suggestions including: avoid disclosing certain types of information; create separate email accounts for separate purposes; use separate usernames for different platforms; and getting rid of obsolete profiles. Another thing suggested to me was to use a separate bank account just for online transactions. (Link to article)


Climate reporting - what small business needs to know

The Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) has prepared an article for small business about what small businesses need to know regarding greenwashing and mandatory climate related disclosures. Link to ASIC article.

ATO image

ATO's online learning platform for small business

The Australian Tax Office has a free online learning resource for small businesses, educators and tax professionals to share and use with their staff, students and clients. For example, starting-up, day-to-day, restructuring and selling a business.

It's designed to help people get their tax and super basics right and improve their business knowledge. Essentials to strengthen your small business. Link to ATO website.

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